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Hello, my name is Homer Patrick. I would like to tell you a bit about myself. A few years back, I’ve developed a passion for wood working. I have done the usual such as build decks, small porches, wooden fences, worked on the weekends helping a neighbor build his house due to a house fire, and many more wood working projects such as building pole barns or garages etc. Now, my passion has led me to start making small charcuterie boards with the tumbling 3-D block patterns, chevron patterns, small home decor wall signs, kitchen noodle boards, whiskey decanters, small barrels and some resin projects such as one that really stands out is a black widow sitting on the inside of an open fishing spool submerged in resin.

Growing up as a young teenager, my grandpa taught me a lot about trees. He would take me into the woods, on the backside of his property and teach me to “grub” around the roots of cedar trees that he wanted. Doing this method of “grubbing” the trees helped grandpa to clear the land for more farm use and the cedar trees gave him material after he had it milled, to build small buildings that he wanted.

Right out of high school, I landed my first job as a groundman working for Nelson Tree Service. That job was to maintain the maintenance of power line right-a-ways for the electric companies. A few years later, I started working at other tree clearing companies such as Townsend, Asplundph, Lewis Tree, and lastly, Davey’s Tree. Working in the tree cutting/trimming industry of these tree companies, I have learned the types and the strengths of different wood. I mean, when you are several stories above a house cutting huge limbs that overhanging that house you need to know what you are doing. Therefore, learning the types of wood and strength is a viable important factor as well as rigging and where to place the rigging.

I am currently employed through IBEW Local 71 since 2019. I have traveled all the eastern states from top to bottom starting with Wisconsin to Texas going east. Visiting these states, I was either on storm damage or working within those states. A few of the states I visited were on vacation with family and friends.

I am more than the average book collector which led me to another hobby, I have written four books and currently working on the fifth. It is a series called, The Warriors Within. I built a hanging wall bookshelf that covers the entire wall of my computer room and love to work out and try to eat healthy. I like hiking and fishing, kayaking and practice martial arts on a regular basis. Once in a while, when I get the chance, I like shooting. I am happily married have two kids and a small gray and black dapple dachshund.


I want to help others to find their passion of wood working and pass my knowledge of what I know to them. I’ve been asks numerous times on my charcuterie boards, “hey, how did you do that?” People would often scratch their head baffled at the tight seams between the patterns of the 3-D tumbling blocks or the optical illusion of the chevron pattern that gives the effect of an up and down hill and valley look.

Seeing the client’s facial expression of my wood projects has brought joy to me. Sometimes I would see the clients a few months later and they would tell me they know someone that wants a noodle board built with their last name on it or a little girl playing with her dads Christmas gift (a small table size ring toss game) and almost getting caught by her dad because she wanted to constantly play with it – by the way the father loves it as well.


The goal of this website is to help pass on the knowledge. Help others to create something from raw material and have fun while building wood projects.

After all, what one person sees something as trash, that trash can be made into something unique. This is the difference that I want to show.
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Homer Patrick


email: homer@learningwoodworkings.com

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