Chainsaw Battery Powered Reviews

A New Force to be Reckon With

If you want to own a battery powered saw that packs a punch, then this saw is for you. Easy to use and lightweight. Easy to pull the trigger and almost stops immediately when let go of the trigger. I used one of these battery-operated chainsaws while in the construction field and was impressed. We used the saw for cutting utility poles apart while being used aloft in the air and then used on the ground.

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The 16” Milwaukee 18V M18 Fuel Battery brushless chainsaw can take a “bite” while maintaining stability and control as you are cutting. The Milwaukee battery powered saw can cut hardwood with ease. According to the specs, this saw rates 150 cuts per charge. Of course, this relates to what type of wood and the thickness of the wood you are cutting – meaning the length of run-time per cut.

This battery-operated saw meets the performance and durability that a person seeks in these battery-powered chainsaws. Once the saw reaches its RPM peak, this saw will not bog down under a heavy load.

With the M18 FUEL technology, the battery saw will reach full throttle in under 1 second.

How it Works

The only maintenance needed for this saw is sharpening the chain when the teeth become dull or the saw cuts more in one direction. Also, you need to keep sawdust and shavings mixed with oil from the oil duct from clogging the inside of the gear cover plate and use a file along the chainsaw bar top and bottom with a flat file from forming burrs because of extreme heat from the friction of the chain riding along the bar within the bar channel.

With the battery in place and fully charged, push the chain brake forward to engage the brake, the operator holds the chainsaw in a two-handed hold. One hand on the front handle and the other firmly wrapped around the back end of the saw and your index finger against the trigger of the saw.

When you pull against the trigger, the battery gives the saw a burst of energy and the chain starts to turn. When you let go of the trigger the current from the battery stops and the chain quickly stops.

What Comes with this Deal Package?

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The cost of this little beast is $329.00, click here to view. A 16” bar and chain and a sheath are included. One chainsaw wrench is also included. Battery and charger are not included.

If you want an upgraded version of the battery powered chainsaw, click here.

For $449.00, you can upgrade to a 2727-21HD battery-operated chainsaw.

Here is what comes with it.

M18 RedLithium High Output 12.0Ah Battery Pack

M18 & M12 Rapid Charger

A 16” bar and chain

1 scrench

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Specs on the Milwaukee Battery Operated Chainsaw

  • Manufacturer warranty: 5 years
  • Return policy: 30 days/unopened box
  • Battery operated
  • No battery included
  • Shipping weight: 14 lbs.
  • Weight of chainsaw: 13.9 lbs.
  • Brushless
  • Length of saw: 33”
  • Length of bar: 16”
  • RPM: 6,600
  • Chain pitch: 3/8” low profile
  • Chain gauge: .043”


  • Cheaper than traditional gas-powered saws
  • Lighter
  • No gas refill
  • No carbon emission
  • Low noise while cutting
  • Performance while cutting is close to a gas engine up to 40 cc
  • On-board tool storage for T-wrench


  • Needs oil
  • Not as powerful as a high-end gas-powered chainsaw
  • Run-time is short
  • Need extra batteries for longer jobs/projects

Final Thoughts

With this Milwaukee battery powered saw, you can ensure you will be at ease, knowing if anything goes wrong, you have a 5-year manufacturer warranty if it is not intentional damage or neglect from the user.

As always, PPE is a must. You can still get injured. So, wear the proper PPE and watch your footing and your surroundings.

“If you have any feedback or have any questions about the battery-operated chainsaw that I have recommended, please leave your comments below!”

Thanks, Homer P

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