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New to the idea of having outdoor patio furniture made of pallet wood? Or on a low budget? Patio pellet furniture is a trend that started years ago and can’t be pinpointed to a specific date. The tread exploded overnight and has never stopped.

In the early 1920s, goods and services were placed on skids and transported, protected, or stored. Nowadays, these skids are referred to as pallets, but I have heard both terms used with neither being the dominant over the other.

So, why do outdoor patio pallet furniture? Simple. Recycled wood. There is another term, it’s called refurbish or upcycling. The refurbished look can add a touch of unique styles you are looking for, depending on what your backyard theme or oasis is. If you are looking for an all-natural and rustic look, then this is for you!

Benefits of Pallet Furniture

The benefits of owning patio pallet furniture are that the wood is upcycled and refurbished and adds a touch of unique styles you are looking for. Depending on what your backyard theme or oasis will dictate the type of pallet furniture you need.

The pallet furniture can be a focal gathering in your backyard to have social gatherings with family and friends or dwell in a relaxing atmosphere by yourself or loved ones.

Are Wood Pallets Safe to Use?

Yes and no. Some pallets are saturated with chemicals that are harmful to humans and pets. So, if you gather pallets from a company or see some lying around, it is a good idea to look for a logo on the pallet. On that logo, it must have all this information: International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), Heat Treated (HT), American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC).

Most of the wood pallets are heat treated (HT) and safe to use. The reason behind the heat treatment is to help reduce the movement of pesky insects. One of them is the Asian Longhorn beetle (ALB). You don’t want them around. I have worked for Davey’s Tree on a government program to help eradicate these destructive beetles.

Overall, the pallets are safe to use.

Types of Backyard Theme

  • Pool theme — A swim-up bar with pallet furniture such as lounge chairs with stools and full-body lounge chairs, end tables.
  • Flower garden theme— A wooden walkway made from pallets or gravel walkways. Pallet furniture could consist of chairs, benches with backs or double benches, L-shape benches with backs, end tables, and a coffee table.
  • Bar and Grilling theme— Lounge chairs with stools, end tables, and coffee tables.

Of course, decorate your theme accordingly. These themes would look better with the right décor. These themes will influence your family and friends and they will want to come over all the time. These are just a few of the backyard themes you can go with. Theme ideas are endless with the right décor, especially if you have an outdoor gas firepit, sitting in the middle of your pallet furniture. There are different pallet cushions you can purchase. With correct theme and décor set up will leave an impression defining who you are and having your evening gatherings with your family and friends amazing or sit and relax by yourself during the day to unwind.

Can I Build My Pallet Furniture?

Yes, you can. There are numerous diy plans for any type of patio pallet furniture you are looking for. You can even customize from a set of plans and make your version. The ideas of making your own are limitless.

Here is a small list of tools you will need.

  • Chop saw
  • Sawhorses with a solid platform to work from
  • Table saw
  • Hammer
  • Jigsaw (optional if you are planning to make beverage holders on the arms of the chair furniture)
  • Tape measure and pencil
  • Speed Square
  • Carpenter square
  • Drill or impact drill
  • Electric sander
  • Sandpaper (80 – 220 grits or until smoothness desired)
  • PPE (ear plugs, safety glasses, dusk mask)
  • Drop cloth for painting or sealing (optional)

Other items you will need after building the pallet furniture

  • Paint rollers
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paint sprayer (optional)
  • Paint or sealer of your choice

Should I seal the wood?

Should you paint or seal the wood? The choice is yours. You need to protect the wood. There are numerous choices of paints and wood sealers. Also take in the fact of your geographic location about the climate you live in. Is it hot and muggy? Does It rain a lot? Or dry and humid? The location will play a big role in what type of paints or sealers are needed.

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Finalize Your Patio Pallet Furniture

To enjoy years of your outdoor patio pallet furniture, you need to protect the wood from the harsh elements of the weather, whether you bought or made them yourself. If you are building your pallet furniture, consult the instructions on how to construct them. Afterward, when you are done building them, you need to sand the wood in several passes starting with 80 grits and working up to 220 grits. If you want, you can go further up in grits for desired smoothness. Totally up to you.

After the desired smoothness, the next step is either paint or apply the wood sealer. If painting, you can apply two layers of primer and let it dry. After the primer is dry then you can start painting the color of your choice. Just remember your theme. Will the color of choice go with the picked theme?

(Note — If by chance of painting or sealing the wood inside a building, please make sure you have adequate airflow, so you are not inhaling the fumes. These fumes can give you headaches and perhaps affect your breathing.)

If you are using a wood sealer, stain, or varnish read the directions labels on the paint can. After all, you want to enjoy your furniture for years to come. Some applicants of these sealers may have you apply one coat while others have two or more coats. Let the sealer on the furniture air dry. Some wood sealers will take up to 24hrs or more to thoroughly dry. The paint labels will show you approximately how long it takes to dry.


Let’s recap. Wood pallet furniture is a booming trend that is constantly skyrocketing upwards. Check to see if the pallets are heat treated (HT) and chemical-free. The styles of the furniture you want can easily be built or easily bought online or check out your local woodworker.

It is a good idea to check out your backyard for the placement of where you want your pallet furniture, for your focal gathering. Do you need to clear any obstacles? Another fact you need to check into is access to get the materials into the backyard. It would probably be a good idea to check with your local zoning laws as well.

After you have concluded where your pallet theme is going, you need to evaluate the trees around and above the themed area. If you suspect nearby trees with limbs that could fall or trees falling over, contact a local tree company, and set up an appointment for further discussions.

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